Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Midsummers Night Dreams Being Fulfilled :)

Time for a new blog, ick, haven't blogged since 11/10. A lot has happened this year so far and I am very excited as I feel a rebirth in my soul. I am openly practicing my faith which I have been hiding for nearly 15 years because I was afraid my mother would not accept me. I was recently ordained and while I am not a high priestess as I do not have a covenant... it is just me and my beautiful witchy sister Jennifer, I do consider myself to have the wisdom of a high priestess. I am currently studying in my spare time Shamanism and anthropology as it relates to religion.

My masters degree is almost done and then it is on to my PhD, I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Soon I will be Dr. Angelique Furloni, that feels weird lol. I am pretty much sick of writing papers and hanging around the house, so I found a full-time job. Something that keeps me around people and busy, I can practice philosophy everywhere... let's hope the local universities agree when I start looking for employment as a philosophy teacher :).

The kids are amazing, Jordan is driving, Madison... is well... behaving lol, and Gabriel...not much to say except I am in love lol. Keith and I are trying hard to stay connected and intimate but we are both so busy that we just make sure to smile and kiss each other a lot. Sometimes it is just two lovers passing in the night with a peck and a wink.

My latest projects are to learn how to play the guitar and to get my yard looking like a million dollars. I have found yardwork to be extremely exhausting and therapeutic. I have never been so zen in my life. Even with the change and the prospect of working full-time I am totally at ease :).

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  1. 1) You should just come out! ;)
    2) Congrats on nearing your Masters and the job!
    3) Yay for the guitar, you'll have to play me a song next time we meet up!