Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tantric Sex: Part One

Tantric Sex

Part One

I have been studying tantric sex lately. The prime objective of which is to obtain more sexual pleasure, a higher plateau. This would mean pushing oneself past “normal” limitations. If one were thinking that pushing oneself past the brink of normality meant that he or she would have to be uncomfortable, this is not at all what tantric sex is about. The limits one is pushing have more to do with the mental process than the physical. A sort of meditation that allows you to reach a higher plane of existence, essentially tantric sex is yoga in the sack.

Tantric sex is a philosophy that allows you to control and manipulate your sexual energies. Many of you have probably heard of the Chakra Rainbow, well this is one place where that knowledge (and chart) can be applied. I have a chakra chart that was done by Mara Friedman. The chart has seven chakras on it: Crown (consciousness), Third Eye (intuition), Throat (emotion and security), Heart (love and passion), Power (center, balance), Belly (creativity) and Root (sexuality). Of course, there is other terminology for the chart and the chakra’s but simplicity is bliss, so we will stick with this.

My first goal with tantric sex was of course consciousness. I have to be aware of the act itself and it is easy to lose oneself in the heat of the moment. Which brings me to my first point, sex is a pretty thoughtless act, though not pointless, yet the point seems to be the finale and nothing in between. People will argue that sex is so much more, but intention seems to dwindle with time. Relationships are like the moons phases, the maiden, the mother and the crone. The first stage of the relationship represents heat and passion, a fiery disposition that has one lingering and exploring. The second stage is just as it sounds, parenthood or life gets in the way. We become tired and lazy, what was once an adventure is now a well worn (and known) road with no new exciting turns or twists. The final stage is a dwindling altogether of sex and the maturation of emotion and comfort becomes ostensible. Friendship has extinguished the fiery pits of passion.

Now we arrive at my desire to learn more about this practice. Sex can always be more interesting. Yet, for the first time I found something that even eludes me. I thought this would be easy, I don’t know why though, yoga was physically easy for me but I always had trouble quieting the mind. My main issue is breathing it has always been an uncontrolled function during the beginning stage of sex. In my research I read that for people like me yogic breathing could help to enhance pleasure. However, it has definitely been a challenge. So I challenge you my readers, and let us explore this new terrain together. Concentrate on the act itself, the breathing especially. I would be interested to know your results. :)

To be cont….