Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crazy Horse knows no bounds…

When I learned of my Native American roots I wasn’t all that surprised. My connection with nature has always been a complete and fulfilling one. When I attempted at surmising a character profile of myself, one that could lend an idea to a name I was stumped. I like Dove, I liked Moon so I had considered Moondove, but since I had already used that same name in one of my video games, and I felt it would be disrespectful. I am currently without a name, but have recently been referring to myself as Angelique Emmaline… weird, huh… because that is actually what my name really is :D

I think that we in any society put too much emphasis on names. We have to label things in order to have consistent organization in our lives. I cannot be defined by one name because I am not always the same person. I perpetually exchange personality’s everyday, I like one aspect of life one day and the next I may completely agree with say, you. However, just as quickly I will revert and be back to “the old me”. I never chose to be labeled, so I choose not to have a name. I am now the nameless amongst the masses of others whom have procured meaning in the meaningless. People feel a need to give a name meaning. Angelique means Angel messenger, but I cannot even manage to pass on a phone message let alone God’s messages. So it means nothing but more words. Words only have as much stock as we give them. Hence, why the word fuck has 800 implications and 800 more uses.